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Leaving Tomorrow

See ya… Zo record that pie throw!

I’ma have to retake retake the last day of the test. TT.TT


PACQIAU! (did I even spell that right?) NUUUU! (she gots a plasma so That’s resolved)


Dress got fixed at least.

I’m the only cousin my age that’s female. So read read read! I wonder how much taller all my cousins are than me~ I’m a shorty. My dad said the cousin closest to my age is 6 feet tall… A basketball player. YOU KNOW WHAT!? I PLAY FOUR INSTRUMENTS AND KEEP UP MY GRADES PAPA! Don’t get me started father.

I’m still kinda excited despite the things I’m missing (yeah what determines your high school life baka panda) I HEARD THAT!

I still can’t decide between Mandarin and French Dx I think I’ma stick to Mandarin. NO FRENCH! MANDARIN! oyyy I’m having a fight with myself again….

I’m pissed at uncle again too… He’s harassing our family in the Philippines for something money related again. Somethings wrong with that man in the head. Didn’t develop right. Has the academic mind of a genius, no sould absolutely 0 common sense.

MOMS COMING! It’s like 2 A.M. ah ha sleep on the plane…

A academic endangered panda,


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