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Oh Just KILL Me

Mom just die. You lying, deceiving mother. Complain about daddy getting sick because of God? Because of me being an otaku? Oh please. Who’s the one who always told me that god was forgiving I guess he didn’t if he got daddy sick over SAKURA MATSURI and a girl’s obsessions. I guess I’m just the stupid daughter who got switched in the hospital who you’re not thankful for? After what? 6 miscarriages?

Who cares what MONA thinks, she’s just MONA. Good god.

Why am I ranting about how despicable my mother can be at times (<notice that. She’s cool at times…) Yeah she lied and denied about agreeing to anime next on Friday. Yeah she just seriously doesn’t understand my mind. I blame my concerts. The woman always thinks she’s right though… Not actually true. I should… sleep… the state test is tomorrow ^^”

Nothing like piano music to soothe though. Piano FTW! Oh yeah all I did today was play the piano YES! Oh Oh wait for it. AND GUITAR! Yeah! I’m determined to learn Yui Again on there.

An aggravated, yet accomplished panda,


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