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Good day Again? Possible?

I liek this quote aru

Jealousy in romance is like salt in food. A little can enhance the savor, but too much can spoil the pleasure and, under certain circumstances, can be life-threatening.”

~Maya Angelou

First of all, Carla and i didn’t get to go to Sakura Matsuri. Dx daddy got high blood pressure. He’s all dizzy and sick. I have to be a nurse maid. Mommy went to church in Massachusetts instead! I cried I bit and listened to F.T. Island to cheer me up. I had to wear this weird skirt that was all bleh. to church I blame my mother, she never does my laundry… And I can’t… I dunno what soap and all. MOM YOU VOWED TO TAKE CARE OF PAPA IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH!

I found out that the drama teacher is in the church choir, ours. I didn’t notice her, but she was like “Hi Mona!” She didn’t ignore me! That boosted me~ I’ll admit that Zoe is/ was/ always right… People just get in the way… Zoe is always right~ It pays to come early LOL

Awwww! David Tutera is awesome, so is tea and madelines, when made right. Sorry … Uhm Sorry just currently *clears throat* Anyway… Just awesome

Yesterday i was all complimented by my dance teacher. I was like the only one who knew the dances~ that’s right Sophia! You’re not that awesome!

I got complimented-ish by my piano teacher~ She was all “Monnavi, you need to get pushed, you’re getting way to comfortable at the piano. I want you to play Bach” Bach made music for the Clavichord… She was all like chromatic scales and C scale is monosomething scale the only one we really use today… These are all french words, so I think I’m going to change my language to French. WHO CARES ABOUT BUSINESS! MANDARIN! I WANT MUSIC! My piano teacher said I should take French too.

Yay! I feel accomplished~She said I could play the organ in a breeze too! THEN IT WOULD BE A FIFTH INSTRUMENT HELL YEAH! LET’S ORGAN LESSON!! Dad still thinks I’m no good though.

I can play Joe’s music though!! I’m the only girl she’s offering Bach to! *growls* I WILL BEAT THOSE BOYS TO THE GROUND! TO THE GROUND!

A happy, but fuming panda,


P.S. I can still change right?

P.S.S. A forward

Yet they BLAME their CHILDREN for being DEFIANT against them.

Well every hear TEACHERS say that it’s THEIR fault for a FAILING STUDENT?

Because they have to do the  JOB of TEACHING the STUDENTS

If the child FAILS the teacher didn’t make the LESSON clear or STOPPED the CHILD from MESSING UP.

The same PRINCIPALS apply with PARENTS

It’s the PARENTS fault for B**CHY girls or COCKY boys.

Children try to EXPRESS themselves.

Let them CHANGE their hairstyles

Or CHANGE their appearance

Or RE-ARRANGE their rooms

Just as long as you LEAD us in the RIGHT DIRECTION

On second thought.

Keep us COOPED up in a PIT of NORMALITY

Keep us from SPEAKING our MINDS

Make us into the PERFECT little GIRLS and BOYS you get to BRAG about to your FRIENDS

Just as long as YOU get what YOU want

Because OUR opinions don’t COUNT right?

You get the PERFECT child but REMEMBER

That you are KILLING the soul INSIDE.

So don’t BLAME us for BITCHY or COCKY

Just as long as YOU end up HAPPY


Under the LAWS of PARENTS

-By a GIRL who turned out to be a B**CH.

-By a BOY who turned out to be a B****RD



>>> Forward or something will happen!


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