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I win~

Dad ordered a new charger! THE LAPTOP IS CHARGING NOW!! *leaps for joy* I can do my homework in a non cold environment.

On my bad side today, the laptop got retarded… I closed the tab with Shugo Chara crunchyroll, but the sounds keep playing… I DUNNO WHAT’S HAPPENING! I HATE IT!

I wanna re-watch SC, but I’m way too impatient for that. Yeah I know, Panda! you knit you wait for a dang scarf to get longer! Well too many episodes with too little Kutau, equals no motivation for me. I’ve been searching for some inspiration, but NOOOO  the manga and anime just had to end. I swear I’m gonna explode. I need my daily Kutau. I CAN’T FIND ANY FANFICS EITHER!! *cries*

The talent show was Zoe (that’s right Zoe that’s how epic) NEVERENDS! Tyler, why are you angry/ ignoring me Dx did I do something bad? I’m mean I’m ranting again. I’m sorry.

Greek mythology in enrichment~ I’m soo happy aru~ I’m a know it all. Carla is lying to me she saying I’m not. Carla is so cute

Where’s my  dog names Pan de sal? WHERE IS MY PAN DE SAL IN GENERAL?!

A Pan de sal craving panda,


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