Bees! Wasps! Bumblebees OH MY!

LOL Language Arts class was hectic. Appartently Mrs. Clason is highly allergic to bee stings.

There was a bee or a wasp that flew in. We tried to ignore it at first (by freaking out), but it started flying around. Panda turned into ball form, then Bartus tried to kill it. He chased it around a bit, the assaulted it and chugged his new Spanish notebook at it. A bunch more people started to join in the kill the wasp/bee club, meanwhile Vera was saying DON’T KILL IT!

LOL Eventually John took it out with Bartus’ notebook by using quintuple x5 hit! It kept missing until he finally hit it! … REPEATEBLY!  LOL It took like two minutes.

We were at peace for about 5-10 minutes (or less Panda is bad at time) until Dakota pointed out a huge other bee-ish thing wobbling around behind Mrs. Clason’s desk (in between her bears Dx) probably for revenge against John.

 Marcello was called to duty and ordered not to kill it. (surprisingly he listened and didn’t let his twisted mind get a hold of him) After about twenty fails/drops and “stupid bee!”‘s Panda started yelling “JUST GET ANOTHER NOTEBOOK AND CLAMP IT!” Of course nobody heard, but Mrs. Clason seemed to, and yelled it louder than I at Marcello. Then Bartus used assist xD and loaned out his Spanish notebook again.

 Everything was at peace after, probably cuz we didn’t kill it this time, but we spent about 10-20 minutes on those bees (or did it justs feel that way?) BTW  Totally my suggestion that got the second bug out, but NOO Panda didn’t get credit again. I hate it when that happens…

A period after Dakota proved a blond joke during the stockmarket game

Dakota: I’m just gonna buy a bunch of my favorite stores.

Mona & Ryan: Make sure they’re doing well.

Dakota: Why?

Mona and Ryan. We kinda wanna get in a higher place…. We lost like 15 places…

Dakota: No. We got higher! We used to be in 409. Now we’re in 424! 😀

Mona and Ryan: … That’s BAD We went down

Just Mona: You know first place is best? yeah! we wanna get in a lower place.

Dakota: Oh…. not I get it!

Mona and Ryan: *facepalm*

That’s it. Now I believe in blond jokes….

A now believing panda,


P.S. Wanna hear a blond joke? Dakota!

LOL Credit goes to Polo who said it to Shmarah who said it to me.


LOL Soooo who knew this?

honey possums have the biggest testicles in the world relative to their size. their sperm is 3X that of human sperm.. –

Panda learned that from Sam Wong on Facebook xD


THE PHILIPPINES! They mostly make them into girls though. The guys are the only ones that have descriptions though. THE DOG’S NAME IS PANDESAL!


4 comments on “Bees! Wasps! Bumblebees OH MY!

  1. “His Christmas season is the longest”
    (*remembers that we still has some Christmas stuff up*)
    When I was reading the dialog thing at the bottom:
    Spain: Lol
    America: *no comment*
    S. Korea: *points to the computer* SOOOOOO TRUE! OH SO SO TRUUUUUE!
    My mom, yesterday, asked me about Boys Over Flowers beause it was dubbed in the Philippines…
    People thinks the Philipphines is going to be a girl…

  2. I knoww I love that the dog is pandesal!!! That’s my favorite! The Philippines will be late all the time for world meetings though LOL imagine if this happened
    Philippines: *points with lips* Pandesal get me dat ober dere!
    Pandesal: *doesn’t move*
    Philippines: HOY PANDESAL- Oh you’re de bread…
    I want pandesal… OH MAN MY HOMEOWRK!

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