Epic Fail Day~

If You Hate Ranting, Stop Reading This Aru.

 Isn’t it? Here’s a list of the bombarding obstacle course that is life.

All teachers ignored me. Ms. Drama teacher (heck I dunno her name…), Mrs. B. (who the heck can spell her name without looking at it actually spelled? Probably Carla… and everyone else in orchestra) Senora Ramos (only reason she turned to look at me was cuz John said “HEY SENORA RAMOS! MONNAVI HAS A QUESTION!)  

I died from running/ walking in only 25 minutes, about only two miles (then again this was after Wii Sports and Just Dance… still it’s a fail nonetheless.)

Added too much sesame oil to my fried rice which resulted in mushy deformed sushi, aru but WHAT THE HECK BRINGto school ANYWAY! You can taste and smell the MSG off of it. I can smell it on my hands too…

 I lost wii baseball and Just Dance against Laura. <see arrogant

I’m procrastinating now… And I’m on the downstairs computer so there’s no Shimeji Dx

I fail and bring bad luck to those near me

That’s it I want to quit everything cept orchestra. I’m bringing you all down. Who’s a bad friend? MONA!!! That’s right no more Panda I’ve been demoted and I don’t deserve it. I don’t deserve a name heck! 

I-I’m sorry I’m getting all moody and emo… AM I PISSING EVERYONE OFF MORE BY RANTING!? If I’m pissing you off by ranting, I’M SORRY! But because you just had to read it, you read it… but I gave a warning…

A non-deserving to exist panda,





6 comments on “Epic Fail Day~

  1. You don’t bring any bad luck! You bring ME nothing but good luck!
    I’ve always thought I bring bad luck.
    Well an opposite and an opposite make a positive.
    We all didn’t know what the heck was going on.
    Heck I accidentally did a british accent instead of a french one.
    I love you.

    • Though I love and don’t deserve you, you are stating LIES I heard a french accent. I was all wobbly too… my arm started to shake o.o uncontrollably. MY TEAS GONNA SPILL!
      And since your a positive we make a negative, but I still stay I’M A BAD LUCK BRINGER! I bring you bad uck aru

  2. Well you’re still amazing
    You bring me luck and happiness

  3. Kay, first off
    1)The Drama teacher is Alaina
    2)I’m pretty sure it’s Berenshtein…
    And both of you are beyond amazing. Really. Zoe, your accent was beautiful and if nobody noticed your British accent mistake, then it never happened, kay? Mona, you deserve more than any other kid to exsist. You get amazing grades, draw really well, and you play the piano like Bach, Beethoven, or one of those guys, while other kids honestly don’t care.

  4. I don’t! Zoe and Shmarah have flutist potential to get like Sarah Hahm! I deserve NOTHING that’s how I got over this. That’s how I ALWAYS get over being ignored. I say you’re a minor existence to myself and that’s how.

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