At the Strike of Twelve…

Panda watches Naruto Shippuden, that’s right! Even if it’s twelve! I SHALL BE THE NARUTO NERD I WAS BORN TO BE! No Pandas dead serious, she’s at the climax they usually put at the hundreds! Yeah episode 200 LOL too many Naruto episodes xD Still there’s a season one xD I didn’t even finish that.Everyones crying, I have more than 10 episodes to watch gah!

Panda ate Sio pao today… pork fill buns xD She’s not sure if she was allowed to, but her mom ate like five so all is good.~

Easter=Dress tomorrow too. The problema is finding one.

Laptop charger is still being mean. Found a new one too! So far, the laptop says at 2%… how worrisome. THAT’S RETARDED! IT SAYS

“Plugged in, not charging”

I’M DUMBFOUNDED! THIS IS ONE RETARDED CHARGER! This thing is gonna die one mee!!! IN THE MIDDLE OF MY NARUTO!! Dx Can anyone fix this or give me reason? I’m really confused.

A aggravated and confused, yet happy to be let off the hook of lent panda,


UPDATE… aru:

Uwah I can’t download Shimeji la la la… My laptop started to charge, but my dad said NOOO DON’T MOVE IT! IT WILL DIE AGAIN!!! So since the laptop isn’t being all crappy, I got caught up on Naruto Shippuden! (I know freak aru) I hope there’s no homework LOL oh… report card. Must Panda forge again? *sigh* Fine… I gotta ask aru… (I’m trying to act China)

GAH PANDA DIDN’T READ! AIIYEE! IS MRS. CLASON GONNA HAVE MY HEAD?! Honestly, I didn’t read. Not even a hundred pages. Gotta read tonight ah ha. Panda didn’t even memorize her piano recital piece. Oh ha ha… *nervous laughter* Um Panda… has to work now… bye… Probably not though… Panda has a very short attention span… EH PANDA HAS TO PUT HER TOOTHBRUSH IN THE BATHROOM?! OH CRAP FORGOT TO DO THAT TOO!!

PANDA ISN’T READY FOR SCHOOL YET!!! *runs in circles*

A panicked panda,



6 comments on “At the Strike of Twelve…

  1. I hate my computer charger. It keeps on falling out.

  2. Lol. At twelve I grabbed my computer and read Yaoi…

  3. LOL I was watching till two A.M

  4. I read the manga for Naruto last night.

  5. AAnnddd? Wait Shippuden or regular first season? I didn’t finish the first… It stopped premiering on cartoon network years ago.

  6. Get on rt Monaaaaaaaa! Popiphone!!!

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