I Shoulda Done this Some Time Ago


I. My laptop charger was being an ass and it’s now dead… along with my laptop

II. I’m just a lazy Panda.

Soo sleepover with Zo? More laughter Pandas had in a week. IRONICC!!! We totally worked on our fanfics! yeahh!!! (I wissh) I FINISHED JULIE’S SCARF! NOW ONTO SHMARAH’S!

Day I:

All Panda did before Zo came was eat, knit, and watch Your Beautiful (YEA! MORE INSULATION!) Then Zo came and we all scampered off to watch Rio

I mean your eyes are beautiful, you can totally se through them!

Hey, J— (really have no idea how to spell her name) I think I- COUGH COUGH

Oh uhm yeah OH! OH MY YOUR CHOKING!!

Epic romantic music just died right there LOL. ZOE WHAT WAS HIS NAME?!  ____ Foxx That’s all I remember.

Yay for green contacts! Zo, my mom won’t let me wear em…. She told me once I got in the car after dropping you off… That PISSED ME OFF I’ma still try them on Monday… I wanna wear themm!!

Day II

Ah crepes, nom nom-aru Then off we went to the MET. My My, I wish we worked on those cosplays. My mother ALWAYS wins-aru BRAINSPLITTING HEADACHE! NOT FUN!  We went to Saigon Grill…

Panda: WTF 7 CUPS?! i ONLY HAD 2!!!

Carla and Zo: …

Yeah stolen sugar, more tea, yummy calamari. In the car Panda got very carsick. Yay plot Bunnies!!!! Another Cinderella Story, fanfic, and angsty F.T. Island Heaven MV OMG IF I TRAVEL IN A TAXI WITH A GUY AND THE TAXI DRIVER SAYS DUDE GO OUT AND PUSH I WILL PUSH THE BOY WILL NOT GO OUT! HELL NO!


Our cooking day (sposed to be cosplay…) Fried rice sushi, and very very messy eclairs. Damn shell… What can I say? the custard was yummy… Even my USB wanted some… and my hair. Very messy indeed. DANG IT YOU INCONSISTENT CHOCOLATE! Oh the orthodontist? I probably won’t need any teeth pulled out.. WHAT PROBABLY?! UGHHH!!! Panda went around to 3 churches, and prayed the same thing in all three. Don’t get me wrong Jesus, but that was too much. (I WANT CONTSCTS!) My mom is really starting to piss me off. LIKE HELL! GET OFF MY BACK WOMAN! (Oh… more fighting uptairs LOL Disfuntional family!)


Panda went to church twice… Yes Finished Julie’s scarf and started Shmarah’s yesterday~ MOther AGAIN bossed me and wanted THRTY EFFIN STITCHES ON SHMARAH’S SCARF!! SHE WANTS TO KILL ME I SWEAR! I did 24 stitches instead, but that was still undoing all of my work and starting over. Panda moved her furnature all around. Now if someone sleeps over we’ll talk the whole night cuz  their bed will be right next to mine.

Anyways, Panda is currently working on the non spelling computer… Not very good. It’s cold down here. My Doritos… Come at 2 for cosplay sewing Party! Panda is bored come now if you want… Panda is gonna call Shmarah… later… ZOE YOU AREN’T A BURDEN!!

A fat tare panda,





4 comments on “I Shoulda Done this Some Time Ago

  1. 1. Jamie Foxx!
    2. Is it okay if I call around the time you people have a sewing party? That way it’s like I’m sort of there.

  2. Will we actually work on the cosplays or end up sidetracked?

  3. @ Zo sure
    @ Rina I hope not we better not a nyway

  4. … Okaaaay….

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