Panda told her mom that she never gets her anything for grades anymore. Then Panda’s mom saw the National Junior HOnor Society thing. Panda asked if she could get a new dress for the inauguration (Panda just knows that’s spelled wrong)  ceremony. SHE’S OOO HAPPY! Mommy said Panda could have a lacy pretty dress, but panda doesn’t want it to be too expensive or she’ll get very guilty.

Panda has to go to Queens and dancing class today. Queens to deliver all the cheese cake and dancing to (hopefully) lose all the calories she’s gaining from the cheesecake she’s eating. It’s too much… Pandas on her like, 4th slice today…. PANDA IS A FATTY STOP EATING STOP!!!

Panda’s concience (there’s no spell check on this computer>.<) : But it’s gormett~


Uhm wut? Somthing wrong with Panda’s mp3…. The new album cover is used on every song… uhm eh… your not Utada HIkaru…

A confused Panda,



5 comments on “YAY!

  1. Lucky child. My mother practically NEVER gets me new dresses b/c my older cousins give me their old dresses. Seriously, all my dresses used to belong to them. I have nothing of my own…
    And they only give em to me so they can get more dresses. T-T

  2. o.o I have no cousins like that…. And I’m an only child…. and my mom is… sometimes less responsible than I. I wake her up in the mornings and…. I serve as the mother… lets just say that

  3. You’re such a perfect child~

  4. I serve as mother for you (sometimes) in L.A. too!! YOU READ TOO MUCH! I KNOW I serve as a mother for cello. He’s always like reading… and then he goes all Mona… What are we doing? and I facepalm

  5. No wonder you’re grandma on the family tree. You’re like a mother to us all~

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