Leaving at 4 in the morning tomorrow for the FIFTEEN yeah 15… I was apparently mistaken… Soo Pandas gonna be gone for a while…. Until Monday. Gotta prepare… Charge mp3 chargeee DSi YOU TOO!!!

Soo Panda gots new speakers! AND Panda did the Chapter 17 stuff for nuthin. NOTHING Yeah… It’s due over break, and Panda did everything twice. TWICE Except for owl pellet and Sec. 4… THAT SUX… Panda’ll do her study island…. Pandas gonna abring her Full Moon too…. Panda whishes she could bring her laptop… She doesn’t know how she’s gonna charge her mp3… Or write her fanfic.

Panda got straight A’s!… but her grade in Spanish dropped from A+ to an A!  AND SHE GOT AN A- IN GRABOWSKI!!! *hiss*  fineee whatever. She got in the honor society. Rina did you? Pat it’s been such a long time since Pandas had a class with you… and Shmarah too….THE COURSES I HAFTA TAKE ONE FOR THE WHOLE YEAR?! That’s poopy…

Zoe your coming Tuesday through Wednesday for sleepover right? Shmarah Panda has your cookies… uhm yeah….

Pretty busy Panda, as usual,


UPDATE: Ah ha some changes. Pamda may NOT go to Kentucky because there’s a absolutely HUGE storm on it’s way down South… or something aling those lines. Too much Study Island… PANDA FOUND HER SKETCH BOOK! (or her papa did) Pandas drawing chibis for once (yes for chara stuff on deviantart, she’s ACTUALLY posting something! Panda’s laptop charger ain’t working… She’s on her actrual screen big emachine computer… P-Panda’s fanfics are saved on there… the laptop… UWAHHH! P[ANDA NEEDS TO DELIVER CHEESECAKE QUEENS TOO!

Panda wants cheesecaknnow… bai.

A scared Panda.



4 comments on “Hey~

  1. Is it okay that I come on Tuesday?

  2. Yeah, I got in.

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