I’m just TOTALLY fine

You know Panda  just LOVES how the first violins that are left play Viva la Vida. PANDA JUST LOVES IT. (can anyone else feel the sarcasm getting emitted?) So Panda is the ONLY one playing the song in first violin, actually the stand behind me was, too. PANDA. IS. PISSED. ALL YOU HAVE TO PLAY IS A NOTE WITH A RHYTHM. AND CHANGE THE DANG THING, BUT NOOOO.

Carla didn’t even play… Well her, Panda can understand. She hates the song, so yeah. But it really just KILLED Panda’s hands to play for that long nonstop, WHILE trying to play loud enough for the section. THAT IS NOT FUN Just kill Panda. JUST KILL PANDA, I DON’T CARE IF WE’RE ALMOST EXTINCT. Mrs. B. better do something. SHE BETTER GIVE ME A FRIGGIN A+ OR I SWEAR I WILL FLIP!

Better yet, orthodontist appointment next week. AND I’m going to Kentucky, a TWELVE HOUR DRIVE. Good grief. I need those Ch. 17 Worksheets, someone remind me. Oh and, guess what? Lahdo doesn’t despise me! He despises Vera though. I might warm up to Lahdo a bit… A slim chance, but maybe… WAIT KENTUCKY, ON SATURDAY! THAT’S OMG OMG I GET TO MISS DANCING!!! *jumps* I kinda don wanna though…

Zo when sleep over?

I gotta go make ma pasta~ Oh not eating much, I lost 5 pounds!!! YAYAYAY! I still weigh, like just too much… Oh Panda forgot to talk in third person…. Pandas too lazy to change anything, or pick the phone up that is currently ringing.

PANDAS STILL FUCKING PISSED PULL YOUR OWN WEIGHT  BLOODY WANKERS (of course those of you who actually PLAYED can disregard this.)

A fucking pissed Panda,

Update: OK airport people are bastards who want your money (no offense Rina not the flight attendants. Well they’re charging Panda’s family a whopping $150 extra JUST to move our damn flight to a later time of day. Lmaybe a few hours after school? from around 10:15. or was it 8…. I dunno all I know is that they were acting like bastards or a bitch. Sorry Pandas just REALLY pissed at how much they charge you… This didn’t exactly make Panda’s day any brighter…. Pandas missing pie a teacher and my test? hn. Panda doesn’t wanna go anymore~ take someone else who doesn’t care for their school or seeing a teacher get pied. Despite Pandas not being there to witness a teacher getting pied, she’ll help anyway.

Damn airport people,



3 comments on “I’m just TOTALLY fine

  1. Hmmm… When I usually miss a flight, I get put onto the next flight to wherever I need to go. Will that work for you? It might be different because you have confirmed tickets and I always get put on standby…

  2. Do I deserve it? *creepy stalker smile that zombie Easter Bunny uses or something… or something* Hehe.

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