EVERYWHERE I LOOK THERE’S DAMN KUKAMU!!! The fanfic search engine is down and I have to manually search (such a drag) So I press Ctrl F then As I browse I see more Kukamu fanfics than Kutau!!! I SWEAR **** WHYYY?! THAT STUPID ***** I SWEAR THERE’S MORE KUKAMU LOVERS THAN TADAMU!!! HOLY! AMU YOU BETTER BACK OFF! AMU HATER RIGHT HERE!! I now support Tadamu a smudge more JUST because of this

Has nothing to do with Kukamu, but what the heck I LOVE THIS PICTURE~! IT IS SOOOO TRUUUEE.

He’s probably the, well, least annoying (and hottest) rival I’ve had in pokemon…

9 comments on “KUKAMU?!

  1. NUUUUUUUU!!! My poor Mona-chan~! Why can’t Amu just be hapy w/ Ikuto, Tadase, Kairi, and all those other guys?

  2. I remember I use to like Kukamu…
    Don’t ask…

    But you should explain Zhoung and Utau/Kukai’s feelings.

  3. Rina I WUV YOUUUU!!!
    Zo I knoooww I think It’s gonna get + a lotta words ah ha… for the fanfic for Kukamu what if I do ask?

  4. Wait which dance the fall off stage dance? And I nu good with show don’t tell soooo mattee I’ll try

    • Both dances!~
      Plus show as much show don’t tell as you can! Reveal ze beauty of Show-Don’t-Tell! It be your friend, yes? No one ever shows that much Show don’t tell! BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO DOOO!

        I just can’t show don’t tell… Shmarah has a bunch of reviews on her stories… Sarah is so amazing~ I’m the only non good writer amongst us…

  5. Sarah IS amazing!~
    Show don’t tell and then using the many e-mails

  6. LOL Chu need to help me show don’t tell~ I’m just saying, I don’t get the exact concept of it all…

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