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It’s been a long time since there was something worth updating for lately…

6 FLIPPIN PAGES OF WTF KUMON! Its easy, but Panda just is really lazy and dun wanna convert the linear equations OH! The exact name of what Panda is doing! At the top of the worksheet!  Here!

Simultaneous Linear Equations in Two Variables 2

Yeah that’s what Pandas doing. I’m not as smart as Karina… Why don’t they spare me? why give me 3 pages? why not 2… right now it’s 3 3 2 2 page pattern and just NO!

Sorry… Panda just freaked out…. um she’s fine now… anyway~ Panda gets to go to the band thing as long as she finishes those accursed linear equations.

Scoliosis was really… awkward today…. Mrs. Mamano said something “I wish I were something something like that” Panda couldn’t hear her….. Yes for scoliosis you have to… it’s a spine check okay? IPanda took less than 3 Minutes and I swear Shmarah, you took 5. Or was it coz there was a weird 8th grade boy who walked in and there was awkward silence.

The worth updating part Panda speaks of is here~

Fun L.A. period today~ Here Panda goes…

Soo Panda’s class had a question like ‘What would you do if someone ignored you?’ Or something of the sort. Panda talked in Amu (Shugo Chara) perspective about Rima (what? Panda’s teacher said it was okay to lie about personal snuff…). Cello looks at Rina and Panda as we talk about the anime.

Panda: We’re talking about an anime… You wouldn’t like it.

Cello: Does it have blood and gore?

Panda: … no you twisted freak

Cello: Well then I don’t like it

Panda: It’s HAREM! Do ya know what harem is Cello? *sparkle eyes*

Cello: *facepalm, groans, and puts his head in his hands. Picks head up and is all red*

(yes yes this happened it was redder than Rina’s shirt! And his face is normally red soo LOL. Btw Panda kept asking him if he knew what harem was, he just kept his head in his hands.)

Panda: RINA RINA MITTE!!! CELLO IS ALL RED!!! (did Panda forget Rina sits behind her at a diagonal? And was watching too?)

Cello: *turns redder*

Panda: LOLOLOL *Panda was cracking up* Cello why in the world are you blushing? You cause harem yourself!!! *trails off* YOU PLAYBOY!


*ding dong ding* (bell rings) (Cello still yelling at Panda btw)

AHA HA HA! This was too much he thought he WASN’T a playboy? AH HA HA HA! Just… L.A. is sooo much better. Sooo glad Mrs. Clason wasn’t there or else x-x Dead Panda. I like the seating arrangement. Shannon is right in front of me Rina to the back Cello blocks Vera, but she’s still close. Angelee is there too~ To add, Cello still was all “REALLY MONA?” During recess Zoe-chi was there desu~

A still amused panda,



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  1. What the heck?!?!?! That’s all I have to say.

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