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Into the Woods~

Gonna see it tonight, update later… I’m trying to cram before I leave right now TT^TT

Sungha Jung was NINE! gawd… he already knows how to not strum WTF?! PRODIGY MUCH?! He’s wha? 15 now? Still playing more awesome een though I think that’s pretty IMPOSSIBLE how i say HOW DO YOU PLAY LIKE THAT AT AGE 9!

UPDATE: Into the Woods was AMAZING *bursts out in song* AGONY!!!! MISERY!! WOE. LOL Zoe please don’t serenade me like a Leonard…Don’t be a creepy wolf stalker POOR GERARD YOU WERE IN THE BACK! CORNER! OR UPSTAGE RIGHT!… OR LEFT I DON’T REMEMBER!

ZOE WE NEED TO WORK ON OUR FANFICTIONS! I NEED TO LOOSEN YOUR KNITTING! Gawd that was some tangled fuzz. WE MUST HAVE A SLEEPOVER! Just for out purpose of exchanging knowledge as I call it.

I’ll really be having agony, misery, and woe because of those 3 tests tomorrow… Tell me how science and Spanish is… Lucky me I have them after lunch… TOO MUCH WORK UWAAHHAAA!

Again AGONY MISERY WOE! I’M BOOKED ON SATURDAY!! I have a doctors appointment in (YOU THINK I TELL YOU WHERE?) then dancing, RIGHT AFTER is girl scouts. WTH I HAVE TO CHANGE OUTTA SWEATY DANCE ATTIRE IN A CAR?! I have piano after that. So I can’t go biking, or to Vera’s house. I hope she won’t ask for me to go again… I don’t like saying no, but I hafta…

A tired of parents working her to extinction panda,







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