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Cello’s party

Hmm jerk! HAS NO BAND AIDS! WTH?! My cuts swollen CRAP! not good. When mI got home, my mom got all medical ninja on me… She started applying all of this ointment and special disinfectants… THREE CUTS IN 2 DAYS PEOPLE!! Not fair!!

Everyone got sooo surprised I drew that Cello on his card… Mean… Cello was chuckling as he read my card… Is that bad?

… I’m good at lay ups now though… yay~ I got some free throws too! I’m so happy! I’m actually good at sports now! GYM BREAKTHROUGH! AT NEAR END OF THE MARKING PERIOD *cries in corner* WHY WHY WHY?!

Cello I LOVE YOU…..







YOUR PIANO!!! LOL did someone get scared there? PANDAS IN LOVE WTH?! Well Panda isn’t… hopfully xD I love his piano to clarify… Don’t use false blackmail kids, remember I’m close to extinct! Cello isn’t that good on piano… totally showed him up~ Sorry… that was mean… BUT SO WAS HE! hmph… It was really fun though… I scored a touch down looking terrified xD Well There WERE 2 high school building blocks who could tackle me…

SOCCER SOCCER I LOVE SOCCER! I wanted to sign up for rec, but MR. G NEVER TOLD US ABOUT THE SLIPS DANG IT MR. G WHY??!! I’m usually in rec soccer too… WHY CAN’T I EVER MISS DANCE WHY DO I ALWAYS MISS GOOD THINGS! everyone is leaving me *sniffle* THE WORLD HATES ME! (or at least the school does)

Hurt/depressed panda,



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