I went fabric shopping with dearest Zoe (actually we went to other stores too). Om nom free samples at H-mart… ZOE IS GONNA LEARN VIOLIN AND I TAUGHT HER HOW TO KNIT! I put this on my National Junior Honor Society essay~ Sooo Shmarah I found perfect Espeon fabric, but I wasn’t sure how much you needed so I couldn’t get you any. I got Jill’s yarn for her scarf too.

I’m gonna make you guys all scarves, so bear with me. Birthday people go first if you don’t mind…. Cello’s is done so is Zoe’s…. I’m working on Julie’s then it’s Shmarah’s…. ALL OF YOUR BITHDAYS ARE IN MAY! MITZ AND SHANNON TOO! I need Vera’s done too and Jill’s and Carla’s and mine… *faints* WHAT AM I GONNA DO?! I wanna crochet for you guys too… Amigurumi~

I was gonna get Pokemon, but it was all sold out *pouts* they were at Walmart… I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO GET BLACK OR WHITE! WHITE HAS CUTER POKEMON, BUT BLACK HAS REKSHIRAM (if that’s how you spell that) MY THROAT HURTS!

A sad, and busy panda,


P.S. It’s technically yesterday if it’s 12 A.M right now *sweatdrops*


4 comments on “Today…

  1. jkfjdslajfdksjflsd VIOLIN?!?!?! ARE YOU SURE THAT ZOE CAN HANDLE MRS.B?!?! not saying that shes horrible,she is totally coolyo, but……….(cue sad violin music) ……..im not sure if zoes heart can take it T.T

    • LOL Mitz so true… Mrs. B. is a… very hard to please person (in musical arts) Ms. Kolb is more easy to handle… Mrs. B. is AWESOME, but strict… and scary… and easy to piss off at times…
      BUT LET’S NOT SCARE ZOE! (too late)

  2. What’s so great about Reshiram? Zekrom has better typing.

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