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Drama Club

I honestly thought we weren’t gonna have it this year. Hm. I wouldn’t have made it in anyways, I mean I can’t memorize lines not to mention I have short term memory loss which means bye bye dance and teachers like have an instinct to hate me o.o it’s like you have to hate her or you get fired… Well drama got canceled too so it doesn’t really matter. I found my violin music… stuck under my piano music –; Panda needs to take better care of her music… I need to clean up my piano too…

Hmph Panda can sometimes only think WWIII with what’s happening in the Middle East too I got this from listening to the news in another room. Then there’s the global growing powerhouse, China. Oh gosh are we screwed? Is this the end of the world? We have economic problems too OMG TOO MUCH COINCIDENCES!

In other news, I’m sad and happy about Borders closing. Happy cuz of the SALE! Sad cuz well… it’s closing… I COMPLETED MY FULL MOON WO SANGASHITE SERIES *fist-pump* NUMBAH 3 AND 7 THE LAST BOOK WHERE TAKUTO AND MITSUKI KISS!!!! *faints*OMG OMG UWAHH  I got the third book of Maximum Ride too >.< Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports HECK YEAH! Anthony P. is almost done with Sapphique (sequel to Incarceron)  so many books. Times like this I wish I could read as fast as Rina… Especially cuz I didn’t even start my read across America book… GAH DANG PROCRASTINATING PANDA!

An idiotic panda,


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