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New Dream!

I FINALLY REMEMBERED ONE! I’m can’t remember if I was in the Naruto or Pokemon world…

I can’t remember much…. the bit I can remember is that we had to cook for some kind of test like a 5 course meal (<o.o I can’t even finish something like that) We were in groups of two I was grouped with Pia (is this because I went to her party yesterday?). Pia doesn’t have that much knowledge of cooking that I know of and me? I CAN ONLY BAKE uwahh

I went home and asked my mom for advice, but as usual she didn’t help… Well I woke up in the midst of baking… I forgot what I was baking… I hope that if that dream continues tonight there won’t be a fire… I hope the test was passed… If it’s anything like the Chuunin exams, I’d die… OH! I remember Jill was dancing Lucifer and Zoe cooked amazingly and was paired with Shmarah so they would always win!! YOU TWO WERE BEAST!



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