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I DIDN’T GO THE LEVEL H! Their fault I just came back and I forgot the whole level, I hafta retake on Monday TT.TT I didn’t even do any of the homework. They also “accidentally” gave me a level H test I got so freaked out. In my head I was like ‘WTF?! I NEVER LEANED THIS! DID I ACTUALLY FORGET EVERYTHING THAT QUICKLY?!’ It was like all ratios and find the value of a,b,and x. I was so confused. Anyways it was 41/50 if I just came to Kumon and reviewed maybe I would’ve gotten a higher score. I FORGOT ABOUT EVERYTHING! IT’S NOT MY FAULT!

TALENT SHOW IS TOMORROW TOO! At least my Ridgewood is over. I hafta wear a certain maid outfit… I’m more than kinda nervous… Monday is gonna be torture… I have perverts in a bunch of my classes… whoever made my schedule hates me… like all the other teacher in the school


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