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My Spanish class was filled with “that’s what she saids” today.

HONESTLY GROW UP …(guess the name) *cough* LAHDO *cough cough*.

“Just shove it in!”or “It’s hard.” yeah yeah FUNNY be mature *bleep*. It’s gymnosperm and angiosperm all over again *sweatdrop* It’s not like I said that’s what she said, AND LOOK WHO I HANG OUT WITH! *points at Patrick and sighs*


The Asian jokes and now this, I swear this started to happen that one day I said “That’s what she said” in science class. TT.TT I WANNA SWITCH OUT CLASSES! I-I-DON’T CARE!! MY LAB GROUP IS LAHDO, JOHN (G.), RALFY, AND VICTORIA (J.). I CAN’T WATER THE DAMN PLANTS IN SCIENCE ONCE!!

They ignore me and isolate me in a corner TT.TT I don’t like my afternoon classes. My Spanish notebook is filled with doodles cuz of bordom. Senora Ramos spends the whole period yelling at Lahdo for being a pervert and racist OH KAMI/ZEUS KNOWS WHY I’M PUT THROUGH THIS TORTURE!

Dancing in gym doesn’t exactly help either. My only consolable moment is when Westerada came and made a fangirl VERY HAPPY. THEY DANCED I WAS LAUGHING LIKE A TOTALLY MENTAL PERSON, BUT THEY WERE DANCING TOGETHER *starts freaking out again* THAT IS THE ONLY HAPPY MOMENT OF TODAY!… Besides Grabowski bumping up my grade to an A-… Orchestra wasn’t so bad either, sharing some jokes with Mitz and Shanaynay

Pissed, yet joyful again,

Panda (Lahdo I told you I curse)


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