Cannibalism? We’re having fish for dinner right? And I have a fish in my kitchen…. I think it’s scared for life poor thing. We cooked our fish in front of him… Is that okay? I mean how would WE feel if we had a human fried in front of us? I would like, barf… But then again fish eat other fish so… It’s okay… right? Ah ha I need to do my homework AND KUMON!, but I’m watching a Korean drama instead I hit myself at practice too… SMART Panda, REALLY SMART…

Oh Zoe I almost got killed by an alien cuz my mom left me in the car alone… It was like taller than Muratore Zo MURATORE!! Cello’s scarf almost done…not just yet… I may have time for Vera’s too… That means more yarn Dx Oh Zo UHM CAN I HAVE SOME YARN PLEASEE?? GAH!!!! … there’s an alien behind me… I gotta kill it with my ninja powers sooo Bai Bai

Almost another (almost) dead panda,


“gahh wait i gotta find my Kukai before I diieee!!” *Kills alien* Mwaha Yay for Kukai motivation~

8 comments on “Torture?

  1. D:

      But what color…I don’t have that much

  2. Well I’m alive aren’t I?

  3. do u know who i am??????? it should b obvious cuz of mah picture.. oh nd btw what if the fish wuz a gurl?

  4. idk but Carla please type normally on my blog

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