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KHIONE IT’S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE!!! I WAS SUPPOST TO GO TO PRACTICE TODAY, BUT NOOOOO YOU JUST HAD TO MAKE IT SNOW!!! I DON’T CARE HOW PISSED YOU ARE AT JASON WHILE RICK RIORDSON IS MAKING HIS SEQUEL!!! I’M GONNA BE MORE PISSED IF WE DIE AT THE TALENT SHOW!!!… At least hold you anger until we go to school again… seriously STUPID KUMON WTH!! I’M NOT DOING 15 PACKETS HELL NO!!! Gawd I hope my parents don’t find this blog… Or the whole student body, but that’s too late isn’t it? At least I made my KUUUKAII~~ persona backround KYAAAA~~~!!! KUUKAAIII!!

A Pissed Panda,



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