STOP PROCRASTINATING BAKA PANDA!!! Yeah I’m procrastinating like (insert word here) and I didn’t do my journal and I have 4 Kumon to do oyyyy I’m DEAD! DEAD I SAY DEAD! I-IT’S BECAUSE I’M READING FANFICTIONS AND THE RIDGEWOOD SEATING! HOLY POOOO HOLYYY POOOOOOOOOO I’M DEAD PANDA PRIORITIZE! *runs in a circle* UWAHH!

-A panicing panda,


4 comments on “Ugh

  1. is it me or is my unhealthyness/lazyness rubbing off on everybody, because i’ve been putting more effort into doing stuff [tccchh], and thinking about eating healthier.

  2. Omigosh! (insert number year) sign of the apocalypse!!!

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