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Report Cards…

were out yesterday. I GOT FIPPIN B+ ON GRABOWSKI FOR ASSESSMENT! AND THOSE DON’T EVEN COUNT IN YOU GRADE JUST CUZ I FAILED ONE ASSESSMENT! She was nice though she said she should’ve caught it and bumped my score up o.o ya hi I’m a teacher’s pet. She said, “You didn’t deserve that I’m very sorry.” Goodness then she offered next time I fail something, since I have consecutive A’s in her class and if I have another “outlier” to come to her so I can get an extra worksheet… Ya nice I might hate her a little less, but NO JUST NO SHE WOULDN’T CHANGE MY EFFIN GRADE! She said she’d recommend me for honor classes though.

In other news my free time is totally gone this week cept for Friday. I shouldn’t even be on right now… I’m suppost to be doing homework before CCD… Let’s see how much free time Panda has

Monday-Girlscouts (had to skip Kumon

Tuesday- Ridgewood (4 hour violin practice 30 minute bread couldn’t go to art club)

Wednesday-Regular Orchestra AND CCD (yeah +HW)

Thursday-Ridgewood (hafta make up for last week because of ice~ four hours again hafta skip Kumon)

Friday- MY DAY OF FREEDOM-ISH Zo are cha comin? (uh Coudn’t play Harvest Moon this week… or hook up the wii o.o)

Saturday-Dancing and Piano class project starto! (yeah ha forgot about that project… I’ma fail)

Sunday-Catch up on schoolwork and go to church



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