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Hey Hey

Sooooo I’m supposed to like not be on thee laptop since I’m banned, but I’m on right now so uh my dad doesn’t care… he totally forgot. HOLY CRAP CLOUD IS AWESOME He is sooooo hard to beat in Re:coded though…. I just keep dying everytime I block it doesn’t matter cuz I get hit anyways…

Soooo I finished my Zoe’s the other day too! She wore it and I’m soooo happy she likes it… I’M GETTING DEMANDS NOW THOUGH! I need yarn YARN I needta learn to drive…If you wanna scarf tell me the colors. I CAN’T BELIEVE I MISSED JAPANESE TRUTH OR DARE! It’s mkay though cuz you would’ve made me say I love you to Ryan like you did to Shmarah… So I’m kinda… mostly thankful that I left… I need to make Valentines day sweets AND MY HW AND MY EFFIN KUMON! oh yeah… I PLAY 3 EFFIN INSTRUMENTS! 3!! Zoe teach me the music~

Oh guys I’m gonna sell girlscout cookies tomorrow so chaaa anyone want some come to me not Carla 😀


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