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What Cha Want for Cha Birfday?

For Shmarah, Julie, Shannon, Mitz, Vera, Puppy and Cello

~Knit scarf… That’s lots O yarn for all of you… and I’m gonna have to start now…

~Baked Goods… Cookies Cupcakes chocoate blah blah blah

~Crocheted Something… I’m gonna need to uh well mom for that

~Sumthin I can buy… Just tell me what

~Sewn whatever… I don’t recommend this go ask Zo I’m not as into sewing as she is

Please make requests desu~Or tell me what you think I should make for someone else

If I forget you I’m so sorry Desu~ *bows* gomen but if your birthday passed that’s the reason why I didn’t put you. Zoe wasn’t on there cuz well uh it’s coming up soon and ya I gots it down. If I don’t *ponders how to say without a THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID COMMENT* have the knit crocheted or baked present chu wanted then I might just give you however much money I have in my pocket. *bows* I am so sorry if I don’t I promise I’ll get it to you eventually

I will not take all I need is your luve *cutesy face* bits or however you want to say I will not take that as an answer because you already might have it or there’s a reason chu don’t (dudes that means you)


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