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OHOHOH!!! CARLA, AND MARCELLO, MITZ, AND I WENT INTO THE MUSIC ROOM TO HEAR HIM PLAY PIANO (not that well… no offense Cello) well WHEN I LEFT  I ASKED CARLA ON THE PHONE WHAT HAPPENED! YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED? CARLA TOLD ME THAT CELLO TAUGHT HER A SONG ON THE VIOLIN! (The Godfather to be exact) BUT PARRRRRRERRRRRRRES! I win~ Oh umm uh I kinda also sorta no… well ya Cello is my competition now… IN ACADEMICS! Not in pacers I’m no good at pacers…

Chu know what? My throat hurts, it burns… ;-;


UPDATE: Sungha Hung is an amazing guitarist he is totally beast…

TOTALLY BEAST HE HAS OTHER SONGS BUT HARU HARU! I needta show Carla this is her fav. song


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