Ya today was. I went sledding with ma neighbors and hit a tree, it knocked the wind out of me LOL. I still have a bruise! Well then I went and stayed over at the neighbor’s house for like the whole day. We drank hot coco and made a music video lipsync dub to Kes$a “We R who we R” here’s the link

I look like I’m on crack and I look stupid feel free to laugh I’m not tellin you which one is me though I’M NOT CRAZAY! You should know which one is me if your not a stalker…

THEN I ATE YUMMY PASTA. I watched “I am Legend” goodness that’s an epic movie. OMIGULAY MY MOM STARTED YELLING AT ME ONCE I CAME HOME! So I procrastinated yeah but don’t yell at me at least say hi…

So to close everything off today I’m here… on this blog… still procrastinating on homework its practically 1 o’ clock right now btw… A.M


4 comments on “OMIGULAY!

  1. Found it, Mona is so cyute~!!!

  2. I look bloody MAD I mean like mad crazy not mad angry

  3. but your so cute Mona~!!!


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