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EPIC WIN!… and Loss More Loss

I FOUND ROCKETEER ON PIANO!! Gotta print it out…. piano got canceled though DIDN’T GET TO SEE CA-CHAN! Oh ya more people got stereotypical at me at my dance class for being “Asian” goodness yes yes I read manga NOT comics yaya I watch Japanese catroons which bide the way are called animes so ya oh ya I got A’s oh uhm ya I play instruments SO WHAT THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE WHO ARE ASIANS AND THEY DON’T GET A’s SO YOU’RE JUST PRESSURING THOSE PEOPLE! goodneesssss. I finished my IRB too ty Ca-Channn~~ I wanna catch up to Cello T.T AND there’s no more room for me on the chart THANNNKKKSSS not mentioning names buuutt *cough*Rina *Cough cough* Ankit *cough* Cello *COUGH COUGH COUGH* oh I must be losing my voice…


UPDATE: Lots of drama goin on… I shouldn’t say anything to the whole internet I suppose… friendship problems? Is that what I should say? Anyway it’s a private matter… GOONIGHT INTERNET!


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