My Dream

I’M SORRY I HAVEN’T UPDATED! Dx  wanted to tell you about a dream I had… I ACTUALLY REMEMBERED ONE!!

Idk we were in England and Julie Andrews was my Master an I was a housekeeper/maid (ahha Oh Shmarah i wanna see your face) of some sort so we went in a show all of us had a part in uh Zoe Jillian, Pat Pat, Shmarah, Ryan, Marcello Ty san and Karina funny thing was that I wasn’t in it… o.o that’s okay. So then a dude tried flirting with Julia Andrews so she slapped him! But he was the stage manager! She used to have a lead part but he demoted her to a clown…

I got really angry, I threw something at Marcello Ty san was with him I forget what it was… IDK I saw them when I came out of  the bathroom (the bathroom had REALLY weird stalls) So when I apologized to Cello and explained why I was so angry and he and Ty san agreed to help me put this guys show outta business and they quit the play.

So the next part gets even more random… I come into Zoe, Jillian, and Shmarah’s dressing room and they were trying picking up egg yolks with chopsticks… o.o (THAT’S IT NO MORE BAKING BEFORE BED FOR ME!) So Ii tell them my plan and they agree to help out so they all quit the play then I woke up pulled out my blog and started typing this before I forgot anything…



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