So HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone haha omg I’m and hour late… Ohhhh sooo fuuullll I’m Filipino so they stuffed me… I watched the ball drop on TV. So while I’m typing this Drake just finished and its on commercial intermission  I was wondering how they would make the glasses for 2011 and I was right when I said they’d use the ones xD. I  just had a party yesterday too. Oh I should tell you my traditions ya so I wat 12 grapes, run around the house with coins(we aren’t rich), put all the lights on in the house (tiresome bide the way), and we eat a lot…. so ya its pretty exciting. So I was supposed to go to the neighbor’s house too (again) but my mom left me…. T.T Thanks for showing how much you care mom. Again on the bright side I finished the second book of Gentleman’s alliance ^-^ SUCH A GOOD SERIES. Well again HAPPY NEW YEAR! (longest entry I’ve ever typed)



2 comments on “HAPPY NEW YEARS!!

  1. lucky! Dad said we could stay up till 2 to see it, but by 11-ish he was sleepy so we all had to sleep…
    or so he thought!!!

  2. That’s what she said btw~!

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