I re-learned how to~ yay making a scarf! ah ha I think I’m doing everything wrong…. ANYWAYS!

So I had a Christmas Movie night with the neighbors and we watched My Sister’s Keepeer it is quite sad THEN WE PLAYED JUSTDANCE 2! ahha Nat smoked us we all smoked Laura we were supposed to have dinner but I guess that was just Pizza and popcorn… so earlier that day I had to drop off all these presents and it was freezing … DID I GET ANYTHING?! NO NO I DIDN’T! UGHHHH!!! on that happy note i tell you about a highly accurate fortune cookie i had received before it said “Those who expect nothing in return shall not be disappointed” oh boy I should’ve listened to the cookie



2 comments on “Knitting~

  1. So YOU have a blog too? And who was that yellow one’s…?

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