I’ll be updating this later to tell you what I gots for Christmas and ma birthday

So far for my birthday:

Panda hat from Carla (YES)

Kukai doll from Zoe (<3)

Full Moon mangas from Pat (SCORE)

Barnes and Noble Card from Ryan (More mangas for me Dechu~)

Pink Gap Shirt from Cello (ah ha your sister got that didn’t she…)

Fluffy Puppy from Amanda (Zo make no comment)

Books from the Villareals

The rest is mostly money I’ll update later on Christmas

From Shmarah Pocky and chocolate and bracelets (omnomnom)

The Panda Next Door,


here’s my christmas presents~

From Santa-san POKEPARK EPIC WIN! and if those of you reading don’t like Santa TOO BAD!

From Gramma and Grampa shirts clothes

From mommy and daddy stuff…

From the Perezes a Jacket

From Pia a jewwlry box thingy magig

From Cello a paper boat

From Ryan a Panda Manga (SHUT IT SOY!)

From Carla uhm a manga that she lent me she said i could have it so yay?

ya my relative in Colorado gave me a creepy DVD it just says “I DON’T CARE I’LL GIVE YOU THIS RANDOM DVD!”

My cousins in Cali didn’t give me anything nothing like the feeling of being forgotten

From The Eguias hair stuff

2 comments on “Presents…

  1. WUT ABOUT MEEZ?! I got you pocky and chocolate~~

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